As a service, we offer you the exchange and repair of spare parts suitable for Porsche.

We exchange your old parts suitable for Porsche

You would like to exchange your wishbone, rear axle strut, clutch disc, HKZ, stabiliser hanger for an refurbished spare part. How does the exchange work? You send us your old part suitable for Porsche and we send the refurbished spare parts after receipt of the old parts or send you the refurbished spare part directly, with the deposit of an old parts pledge.

Our speciality: We repair your locking motor

As a result of age and long use, the gearbox of the locking motor is usually worn and defective and the motor no longer rattles and locks the soft top. How does the repair work? You send us your defective motor. Please make sure that the old part is unopened and that the motor is electrically functional. During the refurbishment, we replace all wearing parts. We overhaul the locking motor within 24 hours and return the motor to you immediately.

If you have any questions about the replacement or repair of spare parts or would like advice, we will be happy to help you at Support Kontakt.



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AUSTAUSCH Noel 2xHinterachsstrebe Schwert passend für Porsche 911 87-89 EXCHANGE

597,00 € *

AUSTAUSCH Noel Hinterachsstrebe Schwert passend für Porsche 911 87-89 EXCHANGE

299,99 € *

Austausch Querlenker Satz Alu, kurz, von Porsche 944 85-86, Turbo Vorderachse

555,55 € *

Austausch Querlenker Satz Alu, lang, von Porsche 944 87-91, S, S2 Vorderachse

501,10 € *

Austausch Sachs Kupplungsscheibe passend für 911 Sportomatic 72-83 exchange part

179,49 € *

EXCHANGE Sachs Kupplungsscheibe passend für Porsche 911 2,2 70-71 AUSTAUSCH

212,59 € *

IM AUSTAUSCH Bosch HKZ 3-polig passend für Porsche 911 -77 Zündung EXCHANGE

699,10 € *

IM AUSTAUSCH Bosch HKZ 6-polig passend für Porsche 911SC, 930 78-89 EXCHANGE

699,10 € *

Porsche 964 control arm LEFT front axle (in exchange), overhauled

180,00 € *

Porsche 964 control arm RIGHT front axle (in exchange), overhauled

180,00 € *

Porsche 964 wishbone SET front axle overhauled, in exchange, left+right

354,11 € *

Porsche 964 Stabilisatorgehänge SET vorne im Austausch / exchange

255,55 € *

Porsche 964 Stabilisatorgehänge vorne links im Austausch / exchange

130,00 € *

Porsche 964 Stabilisatorgehänge vorne rechts im Austausch / exchange

130,00 € *

Porsche 993 wishbone rear axle overhauled, in exchange, exchange part

179,46 € *